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·Seamless underwear
·Seamless brassiere
·Seamless pants/briefs/boxer
·Seamless fashionable
·Seamless shaping underwear

1) We promise to provide customers with best service.
    Any of your suggestions are precious and sincere for us to go on improving our
    customer services.
    HENGBAO GARMENTS sincerely welcome your appreciated suggestions.
2) Don't be worried. Protecting customers' privacy is a basic policy of our company.
     Without your permission we will only take your information to the purchase order or
     customer service. It won't be released to any third party. (You must fill the fields with
     * and please also try to fill the fields without * to facilitate us to provide you with more
     detailed personal service)
                     >>We will reward for those who give us good suggestions<<

Your basic information
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Your detailed information
1) You are: *
2) How do you know our company or our brand?*
    Newspaper  Magazine   TV   Radio   Searching engine
    Business website Our sales representative Friends Others
3) If quality is ensured what is your main factor when selecting underwear?*
    Comfortable sense Fashionable style Color preferenc
    Environment protection material Comfortable wear Body shaping
    Brand fame Package design Reasonable price
4) What is the main reason that you choose the underwear of our company?*
    Good quality Comfortable sense Fashionable style Color preference     Environment protection material Comfortable wear
    Body shaping Brand fame Reasonable price
5) How do you think of the price of our underwear: *
6) Comparing with normal underwear what is your reason for selecting seamless/body
      shaping underwear?*
    Body shaping Comfortable wear Good warm keeping Diversified styles     Fashionable trend
7) How long is the using circle of a set of normal/warm keeping underwear    
8) How long is the using circle of a set of seamless/body shaping underwear:
9) How many sets of seamless/body shaping underwear do you usually buy in one year?
    1 set/year 1-2 set/yea 2-3 set/yea more than 3 set/year
10) What is the rough proportion of seamless/body shaping underwear among all the
      underwear that you have bought in recent years:
11) What kind of underwear are you more inclined to buy?*
    Normal underwear Jacquard underwear Dyeing and Printing underwear
    Colorful cotton underwear Body shaping underwear Pure cotton underwear
    Chemical fibre underwear Mixed fibre underwear
12) Other seamless underwear or normal apparel brand that you know
For agent/merchandiser (Item 13-20)
13) You are:
14) What is the period for you/your company to merchandise the first batch of underwear:
15) Your/your company’s sales peak season is: To
       Poor season: To
16) Your/your company's annual sales volume is:
17) The sales volume of seamless/body shaping underwear among your total sales volume
       of garment: %
18) Your target customers or marketing position:
19) What is the qualification that you most value when cooperating with an effective product
      supplier (manufacturer)?
    Product quality Design style Packing design Pricing Ads support
    Customer service
20) Your comments about the industry or suggestions for us during your sales activities
21) Your comments and ideas about seamless/body shaping underwear
       (e.g.: advantages, disadvantages, future)
22) Your suggestions for our products, marketing, services or other aspects
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